Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gangstalkers use Disinformation as a tool for Censorship

Disinformation is a tool for Censorship.

Gangstalkers act as trolls on the internet. They are keeping tabs on the postings and comments made by their victims. If they read something that might expose gangstalking, they leap into action. You see a lot of their handiwork in the form of comments following articles or posts, which cover the subject of Organized Harassment..

You should be able to spot their lies; for people who claim to NOT believe in Gangstalking… They spend an awful lot of time on forums that are specific to the topic.

I don’t really believe in ghosts, I am certain aliens are not visiting earth, but gangstalking is absolutely real. As you read about all the comments that say how paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic (take your pick) people who claim to be gangstalked are….you may finally realize that there are an awful lot of people, writing an awful lot of derogatory stuff, in the comment sections of victim’s websites. Real blogs will probably take advantage of the moderation feature (I know I do) and delete derogatory comments. These criminals are WAY too interested in influencing other people to NOT believe, in something they insist isn’t even real, in the first place.

If you don’t believe in something… A normal reaction would be to not dwell on it… The Internet is a huge place, with something for everybody’s interests.. I don’t believe in Big Foot, so spending my time on-line, with people who do, seems like a big waste. I’m not that interested in convincing unknown other people, that people who DO believe in Big Foot, are disturbed or delusional. Really, I just don’t care if complete strangers, do, or do not, believe in Big Foot.

If I thought Gangstalking wasn’t real (assuming I had ever even heard of it) I am not going to be spending a lot of time on victim’s web sites, trying to convince everybody they are crazy. Who cares that much about controlling the beliefs of others? Gangstalking seems to be all about control. This extreme interest in gangstalking is just not normal for someone who claims its a fantasy of delusional minds. It’s all part of a the big disinformation campaign, to keep it from seeing the light of day.

Since I wrote my last post a day or two ago, the Gangstalkers have been busy, I mentioned victim and activist, Eleanor White, as a credible source. They took her booklet and put out a hacked one where they make her sound like a nutcase. The booklet uses the same format, as the real ones authored by Eleanor. The hacked one tells victims it is all hopeless, and to keep quiet and not tell anyone about the organized harassment. I commented in my last post, that they usually put the info making the author sound crazy. right up front. Gangstalkers responded by inserting the really crazy stuff further in: that she brushes her teeth with ivory soap, wears sandpaper in her underwear and uses a nail attached to a large stick to make a hole in her clothes to scratch herself because Gangstalkers make her itch. They want you to think that Eleanor is a few screws loose.

There were three new links to her work as of yesterday ( dated 2010, so you wouldn’t think they were just first posted just yesterday) that I am sure were placed there in case my web page directed any traffic to her. Every one of them was altered to destroy her credibility. That’s a very swift response. They also fleshed out some of the pages that I accused of having faux fronts. As I said, they have been busy since my last post.

Every response they post to the web to refute the very existence of Gangstalking, litters the Internet with more proof that it does. True or false, the sheer amount of things on the Internet that reference it….indicate somebody knows about it. Either real victims who see the Internet as the only way to get the public to understand what’s happening, or the people posting whole pages, posing as crazies to discredit us… We’ve all been busy getting the word out and the proliferation of false leads may help us more than it hurts us.

The Immediate response to my latest blog post about disinformation, says volumes about how serious they are about containing the truth. This isn’t something that should just anger victims of the Gangstalkers….it should alarm everybody. Think about it in more general terms. They are interfering with everybody’s right to access information. Do you think someone has the right to block your access to a free exchange of thoughts and ideas. ? Do you think anyone has the right to prevent someone from expressing their right to freedom of speech, by deliberate sabotage? Do they have the right to direct interested parties to spoofed sites by overwhelming search engines with false leads? Do they have the right to replace real sites with fake ones? This is a deliberate attempt to prevent you from hearing real people’s opinions and making up your own mind. This is a form of censorship.

I don’t know if this is illegal, but it certainly seems unconstitutional. This interferes with everybody’s right to participate in a free exchange of ideas– They are attempting to censor the Internet and stop you from accessing information that is available through tactics, that on a smaller scale, act like a denial of service attack.

First they block access to information about Gangstalking ? What’s next? These people need to be stopped, or they will soon make censorship their primary business. Wake up! This is a deliberate power play. People who want power this desperately aren’t going to stop with just controlling your access to websites telling the truth about Gangstalking? The more successful they are at censuring the truth about Organized Harassment, the closer they are to obscuring something that YOU think is vitally important. Help us spread the word. Everybody has a right to available information…. Information that will allow them to form an intelligent opinion. Censurship and secrecy are like acid, eroding human rights violations and eating away at the very foundation of a free society.

If you read this, please comment in the section below. I have changed it so that you no longer have to log in or put your email address. I want to know that I am reaching somebody and not being censored by Gangstalkers.

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