Monday, September 3, 2012

Gangstalking Victims Desperately Need DOJ To Do Their Job!

Department of Justice: Toss Us a Line! LIFT A PINKY!! We are being pulled under, out here. You've heard us begging for help. Why are you burying your head in the sand? Why are you burying us?

Earlier this week my husband attended a meeting held by the man who represents our local district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Sam Farr, has been a favorite among Santa Cruz voters for a long time. My husband and I do not consider ourselves to be very political, but we make a point of being informed voters. More than 15 years ago, we built a computer for a Santa Cruz woman, who was a very active volunteer on Sam Farr’s campaign staff. Her support for him was enthusiastic and contagious. The more we learned about him, the more we liked him. Since then, we have always voted for him.

I gained further respect for Congressman Farr, when I wrote to all of my elected officials, protesting the bank bailouts. The reply from Sam Farr stood out from the rest, leaving me feeling that he was a man who really listened to his constituency and could be trusted to speak on our behalf in Washington.

My husband went to the meeting to raise awareness about Gangstalking. Just like every other victim of this sick crime, we want our lives back.

I realize that I haven’t yet written very much about our personal story, but details will be forthcoming. Suffice it to say, these criminals are relentless; they have invaded every aspect of our lives, like a carpet of army ants. Not a day goes by that we are not subjected to some form of harassment from these bullies and thugs. These people are not just playing; they have every intention of destroying us.

Our hope is that Congressman Farr will, once again, help bring our message to Washington. My husband’s request to Congressman Farr, is paraphrased in the text below:

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz; I have lived here my entire life. 17 months ago, my wife and I became victims of an ongoing crime that we, just like most people, had never heard of. The crime is an organized stalking and harassment campaign that is often called Gangstalking.

The crime of Ganstalking has nothing to do with your ordinary street gangs. In almost all cases, perpetrators of Gangstalking are strangers, previously unknown to their victims.

Gangstalking is a crime that has been acknowledged by the Santa Cruz Police Department, in a statement made to our local TV news station, KION. They described it as a growing problem, which is facilitated by recent advances in technology. The spokesman for the SCPD referred to Gangstalking as “Bullying on Steroids.”

I am asking our Representatives in Washington to put pressure on the Department of Justice, to acknowledge the crime of Gangstalking, and to create a special category for it. Stalking is a crime that has several sub classifications, including: Stranger Stalking, Revenge Stalking, Workplace Stalking, Proxy Stalking, Obssesive Stalking, etc. Gangstalking is conspicuously absent from the list. And because it is really not a good fit for any of the currently recognized types of stalking behavior, it needs its own classification.

Official recognition of the crime is extremely important to victims. Gangstalkers deliberately use methods that, when reported to authorities, resemble things commonly associated with mental illness. That probably needs further explanation. Here is an example:

of the many tactics used by Gangstalkers, almost all victims report being followed by strangers. When looking back on the progression of harassment later, many victims will identify this as the point in time, when their life changed forever.

Gangstalkers use this tactic early on, because it has proven effective in damaging a victim’s credibility. Reports of being “followed by a large group of strangers” is commonly associated with delusions that plague the mentally Ill. This method is used on victims, because stereotyping, and snap judgements are reliably common human reactions, when confronted with anything unfamiliar. People who are unfamiliar, uninformed, or just close minded, on the subject of Gangstalking, predictably fall into this trap.

Since a campaign of “stalking by strangers” is usually one of the first overt actions taken by Gangstalkers against a victim, it is, understandably, often the first time that a victim contacts law enforcement, seeking help. The gangstalkers have not only prepared for this, they are expecting it. It sets the tone for all future complaints because it introduces a credibility hurdle. Once someone considers the possibility of mental illness, any future claims made by a victim, are evaluated with that in mind, making everything the say unfairly suspect. The DOJ has the power and the responsibility to educate law enforcement and the public about this crime. That alone, would be extremely effective in overcoming the credibility hurdle.

Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the DOJ’s own records make it clear that Gangstalking is a widely reported crime. Victim’s Centers and the various law enforcement entities that provide the Justice Department with their raw data, confirm that

Here in the United States, there are thousands of people each and every month (from every state in the Union,) reporting that they are being stalked by groups of 3 to 50 (or more) perpetrators.

Just like most harassment and stalking crimes, what makes Gangstalking hard to prove is that it is a PATTERN of focussed, hostile behavior, rather than a single, obviously criminal event. It is precisely because it is difficult to prove, AND the DOJ has failed to officially recognize it, that many victims are unjustly dismissed as mentally ill.

The DOJ is fostering an attitude of ignorance, by failing to share their knowledge of the crime with the public, victims advocates and police departments. Because the very agencies are set up to help victims of crime, have not been informed about Gangstalking, nor been trained in how to deal with it, they take the easy way out. They regularly” discount victims and deny the crime exists.

The Santa Cruz Police Department may be the first Police Department in the country to go on record acknowledging the crime, but they are far from enlightened. The patrol offers who have responded to our calls, regularly claim they have never heard of this crime.

Currently nobody is investigating our claims. We have gone to the SCPD, the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, the California Highway Patrol and the FBI. We are routinely dismissed, because most law enforcement personal, who actually take complaints from the public, have either never heard of Gangstalking, or are unequipped to deal with it.

The first step to remedy the situation is for the Justice Department to make public what they already know. Gangstalking is a growing crime that is occurring all 50 states, and just like all forms of harassment and stalking, can have devastating consequences for its victims. The DOJ NEEDS TO LEAD THE WAY. They need to establish protocols to aide and guide local law enforcement on the best way to help victims. They need to advise law enforcement on effective methods for gathering evidence, which can be used in the successful prosecution of gangstalkers.

Gangstalkers spread disinformation on the Internet like wildfire–hacking victims web sites and posing as victims themselves, all of it intended to conceal their crimes, by making victims appear crazy. When law enforcement believes that ALL people claiming to be followed by groups of strangers, are mentally ill, they have been, effectively, CONNED by Gangstalkers. The DOJ needs to set the record straight. Their silence on the subject is complicit in allowing Gangstalking to continue, unabated.

It took far too many years, and a substantial body count, before stalking and bullying began to be taken seriously by those in a position to help victims. The consequences of that delay have resulted in unimaginable heartache for far too many victims and their families. Gangstalking is an intense form of adult bullying that is organized and planned out in advance (rather than occurring spontaneously.)

There has been much speculation that, while some victims of Gangstalking commit suicide, others are responsible for the increasing number of mass murders, like the one that recently took place in a Colorado movie theater. Constant torment and harassment can, and does, break people, as evidenced by the many school shootings, where the first victimizations took place LONG before anybody brought a gun to school.

Gangstalking violates the most basic of human rights. It also violates several state, local and federal laws. Not only is it real, the DOJ is aware of it. We are asking you help us by putting pressure on them to do their job, so these criminals can be stopped. We need help at the local level. An admission by the Justice Department that Gangstalking happens, with increasing frequency, would be a good start. Getting the Justice Department to go one step further, and establish protocols for dealing with the crime at the local level, would go a long way towards helping victims everywhere.

Note to other victims:

You can help yourself and others by asking your locally elected representatives to pressure the DOJ to do their job. Any communication with elected officials helps to raise awareness of the crime. There is far too many of us victims, for any logical person to think we are ALL mentally ill and delusional. SPEAK UP. NOBODY has the right to do this to another person!

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