Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gangstalking is a Mystery Begging to be Solved!

You are going to read things in my blog that are going to be hard to believe. I understand that. I initially resisted just about everything I read about Gangstalking. First of all, as a victim, you resist identifying yourself with other “targeted individuals”. What other victims describe, sounds like a black hole, or quicksand– something that you can’t get out of. You read that it goes on for years. Nobody wants to believe that a bad situation won’t ever come to an end, or that the situation is hopeless. That is a very depressing scenario.

After living like this for 17 months, and reading about people who have been victimized for years, I have decided to tell anyone who will listen, what I see as possible ways to end these criminal's “reign of terror”.

The reality of Gangstalking is revealed slowly day by day, like peeling back the layers of an onion. The things other people describe, which initially seemed farfetched, started happening to me. I am going to try to ease into discussing some of the more extreme aspects of gangstalking, a little bit at a time. I am hoping that as you get to know me, through my writing, you will become more receptive to the truth, strange as it is.

What I can tell you is this: I will be truthful about everything that I describe. I will try to make the irrational, rational, the incredible, credible, and find the logic in the illogical. Gangstalking is, at this point, a mystery. It is a mystery just like any other unsolved crime. It is begging to be solved.

What I describe is crazy, but I am not. If I suddenly start to spew rhetoric, blaming this on nonhuman entities (i.e. Alien perps, Reptilian DNA, etc..), I can assure you, my blog has been hacked. The perpetrators of this crime, are real criminals, with a very human agenda. I am absolutely sane and plan to reflect that through my writing.

Victims reporting gangstalking to police, are often treated as if they are mentally ill. It is important to realize that the things we are reporting are the same kinds of things commonly reported by true schizophrenics, and people with extreme paranoia disorders. This is no accident. Strangers follow you (even when you go the same place at the same time every single day), because being followed by strangers fits the symptoms of classic schizophrenia. This is a smart crime based on psychological manipulation. The things that victims observe,and the tactics used, have all been prominent in accounts made by the mentally Ill. That explains a lot about the structure of most Gangstalking tactics. It is the reason why they use these particular, chosen methods of harassment.

They want their victims to appear crazy, and their crimes to go un-investigated. This crime can be solved and the mystery of Gangstalking put to rest.

Here are four approaches,I think can help solve the mystery:

Gangstalking is repetitive. It happens day in and day out. Someone following (for the purpose of investigating) my husband and I, or any gangstalked person, would not have to spend too much time, before they became aware that something very odd is happening to us. The crowds around us, everywhere we go, and people trying to beat us in line every time we head to a store register, should be a tip off. We can’t arrange to be followed ourselves, without tipping off the gangstalkers–we know, because we’ve tried it.

There are a lot of people involved. Some of them don’t like what they are doing. You can see it on their faces. Anytime you get that many people involved, you are always in danger of someone breaking ranks. Perfect control over all humans is not possible. Eventually someone will break ranks and someone will talk. It is the moral, right thing to do. It is also the compassionate humane thing to do. The bigger they get, the sooner they will be exposed, and quite possibly by a defector from within.

Gangstalking is big, organized, and very expensive. The Gangstalkers are rotating in and out of most of the rentals on our street. Santa Cruz is not an inexpensive place to rent. Many of cars they drive appear to stay with the rental units, to be driven by the next gangstalkers to occupy the place (or the same gangstalkers, when they return from their assignments. harassing people in other towns.) Someone is paying for these cars, rentals and auto registrations. There has to be a money trail.

Many of the cars that stalk us do not have front license plates (Illegal in CA.) Many have paper dealer plates. Somebody is paying for these new cars. Also, the drivers seem unconcerned with their license plates being photographed. This indicates the cars probably aren’t registered to the people driving them. It is easier to swap a single back plate quickly than both front and back plates. I am convinced that many of the plates are fake, and others do not lead back to car they are mounted on. All of these misdemeanors should be reasonable cause for a deeper investigation, into the driver and the registered owner, by law enforcement.

This can be solved. Is Anybody listening?

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