Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gangstalking Victims Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

My story of being a gangstalking target is fascinating, bizarre, interesting and above all, absolutely true. If you believe me, it should make you rethink everything you think you know about people and moral integrity. I assure you, it is worth sticking around for. It is still unfolding. I wish it wasn’t, but since it is, a blog is a perfect format for an unfolding tale.

Gangstalking can’t be stopped until law enforcement recognizes the seriousness and the prevalence of the crime. Even before that, they have to believe that it’s real, and that it is a form of torture and systematic destruction of a persons life, health and well being. Nobody has the right to do this to another human being.

The Gangstalkers who have been harassing and following my husband and I everywhere, taking our pictures, invading our personal space, and physically impeding our movements by blocking our cars and bodies, are pretty proud of themselves. They just smirk and grin ear to ear, like they just stole money from blind man’s cup, and got away with it. They think they are invincible.

They think they are above the law and they are untouchable. It is time to put a stop to it. If you have been gangstalked ( I don’t care what name you call it), you need to speak up. You need to report it and write about it. I waited 17 months before I finally started this blog. That is far too long to try to do my part to raise awareness.

If you read about somebody who is being gangstalked or know somebody who says they are, you can help us. First of all… Most mental illnesses don’t usually present with sudden onset in people 30 and over. If someone complains about being followed and harassed, and they have never exhibited serious signs of mental illness in the past, they probably aren’t having a delusional break with reality. It is unlikely they are imagining people following them, if they didn’t imagine it during the first 30+ years of their life. A drug induced psychosis would not result in ongoing hallucinations.

If somebody tells you strangers are following them everywhere, and they don’t have a history of lying, they are probably telling the truth. This is a pretty outrageous lie to start out with, for somebody who is not known to be a habitual liar.

Neither my husband or I have ever been diagnosed or even suspected of being mentally ill. Neither one of us are liars. We are both experiencing the exact same thing (separately and together). We are stable and responsible…and yet, some people who have known us for a long time, choose to believe that we have gone off the deep end simultaneously through either:

a) sudden, simultaneous onset mental illness

b) a blaze of drug induced paranoia/psychosis

c) a narcissistic need to be the center of attention (apparently well hidden during our first 46 years on earth)


d)we both decided outrageous lies were better than honesty.

Why is it that even though everyone has heard the expression “truth is stranger than fiction”, there is so much resistance to it?

To quote Winston Churchill: “imagination is baffled by the facts

People believe in ghosts, alien visitors, and God. None of these beliefs have been proven scientifically; and yet, these beliefs are usually tolerated (as they should be, in a free society.) The same people who are quick to call gangstalking victims crazy, paranoid, delusional. etc., seem to be inconsistent in their application of the "crazy" label.

Before you call me delusional or mentally ill, and discount my story of being gangstalked, you need to examine your motives for doing so. Is it because you have never heard of it? Then you are simply not informed enough to make a determination. Is it because it doesn't sound logical? When you are informed, you will understand why it doesn't seem logical... it is that way by design. Is it because you haven't seen any proof? If you believe in God, then you don't need proof, you need faith.

Faith would be a good place to start. Victims of gangstalking are being tormented. When we tell you the truth and you act skeptical... you are saying that, you have no faith in us or our ability to distinguish what is real from what is not.

Everybody knows evil people exist. You know it too. Evil people have a long history of working together in groups. Is it really more logical to assume mental illness,in those you already know, and those you have never met, then it is to assume a group of people are acting in a way, that has yet to be fully explained?

You owe it to friends and family and coworkers, particularly those with a history of behaving rationally and being truthful, the benefit of the doubt. I could not have made this stuff up. I never would have been able to put a name to it, if I had not found other people experiencing the exact same thing. They are all over the world: Canada, England, Japan, California and Texas have the most reported cases. But Belgium, Norway, Ireland and every other U.S. state reported cases of gangstalking. And the most interesting thing about the reports is they are remarkably consistent.

That said, the people trying so hard to discredit victims on the web, are the very people that are doing the gangstalking. They pretend to be victims or they troll real victims pages and make disparaging references to mental illness and/or drug induced paranoia. For those of us that are real victims, these imposters are easy to spot: They trying to sound crazy. They want to put you off. Real victims try to sound credible. We know the topic seems incredible, but we want your help. BIG DIFFERENCE.

If gangstalking isn’t happening to you, you’re lucky. If it’s happening to someone you know, he or she could use your support.

Gangstalking has NO INFORMED SKEPTICS!

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