Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Husband Almost Lost His Leg to a Gangstalker

My husband came close to losing his leg to a gangstalker less than two months ago. It happened on Ocean Stree, in Santa Cruz on a bright sunny day. Although some Gangstalkers have reportedly run into their targets on purpose, this really was an accident. A foreseeable accident, but an accident just the same.

If you think this happened to my husband, because he is a target, you should know that it could easily (and often does) happen to anybody in the vicinity of gangstalkers, as they go about harassing their target by car. They drive like maniacs, taking whatever chances are necessary to keep their target in site and to create an environment of unrelenting harassment.

They cut off parking lots; they go the wrong direction on one way streets. They periodically exit a freeway from the fast lane, making an abrupt right angle turn, cutting across all lanes to scare their target and force them to brake suddenly. They’ve done this to me, going 60mph, and pity the innocent person who could have been behind me. (This tactic is going to be covered more thoroughly in future post.) It’s an intimidation move, meant to let you know they have been right in front of you for the last few miles.  Box maneuvers happen frequently, on  freeways using several vehicles to keep the target (and anybody who is unfortunate enough to be behind the group) , from speeding up or exiting the freeway.  They are dangerous. It might seem like they are playing a game, but the stakes could be your life or your leg.

Here’s my husbands leg, in pictures taken the day of the accident and over the following 2 weeks. I have no doubt that if my husband had lost his leg or been permanently crippled, the gangstalkers would have viewed it as a happy accident.  If an innocent bystander lost his leg it would probably be viewed as unfortunate, but just the cost of doing business.

I’m going to describe the accident in detail, because it is important for realizing how the Santa Cruz officer was taken in by the Gangstalkers.  Gangstalkers never work solo, when stalking their targets. They operate using the “safety in numbers” principal.  If one of them gets in trouble, the others spring into action to deflect any negative consequences. that might befall any member of the team.  In the case of police involvement or an auto accident, the job of the rest of the team is to act as witnesses, vouching for the member of their team who has earned unwanted attention.

The gangstalkers, posing as witnesses, can rightly be compared to an experienced team of   grifters, smoothly pulling off a complex con on a mark.   In my husbands accident,  the ultimate goal was to make sure the stalker who hit him, was not held responsible for the accident.  To achieve this goal the Gangstalkers had to work two separate marks:  the police officer who responded to the scene, and  ultimately wrote the erroneous police report; and several real witness, that were just feet away, at the moment of impact.

The Gangstalkers are able to pull this off, by using psychological tricks to create an alternate reality, which enables them to suck the unsuspecting into the lie. You’ll be able to see exactly how it works, when I describe the actual scene that began to unfold,  seconds after the accident.

I am not holding my husband blameless for the accident. He should have spoken up at the time.  He felt outnumbered, he wasn’t sure if his actions were entirely legal. and he may have been in shock. At the very least, he was shook up, in pain, and not thinking clearly.

I spoke with my insurance agent, who informed me there can be degrees of fault assigned to any accident. Insurance companies regularly use these findings when figuring how to proportion payout, in an accident, where the actions of both parties are considered a contributing factor. Even if my husbands actions were not strictly legal, I think you will have a hard time assigning the blame ratio at 100 to 0, in the Jeep driver’s favor, once you know what happened.

Here’s a look at the gangstalkers in action, at the scene of the accident, and the red flags that could have alerted the police officer, and the real witnesses , that things were not on the up and up:

Use my crude drawing to help you follow my narrative. Both pics are the same, so refer to the bigger one, (The duplicate is just in case, the link doesn't reliably pull up the larger pic.)

Motorcycle vs. Jeep

Motorcycle vs. Jeep

The day of the accident, my husband needed gas for the lawnmower. He left the house, tailed by gangstalkers, as is our reality these days. He filled up the tank on his motorcycle, intending to siphon it into the lawn mower, when he got home. The stalkers were expecting him to leave the gas station heading away from the house, like he usually does. But he surprised them, when they realized he was leaving in the opposite direction, back towards the house. This created a flurry of activity and made the gangstalker, who was driving a dark  Jeep, decide to try to make a green left hand turn light up ahead. We think he wanted to make a U-Turn, so he could stay on my husbands tail. (His motives are, admittedly pure speculation, but remember, we see these people in action every time we leave the house…so it is probably an accurate assessment.)

When my husband left the gas station, he wanted to take a left. To do so, he had to cross 2 lanes of traffic that were backed up waiting for the light to turn green. He did this by maneuvering his bike between the cars that were stopped. He emerged right at the spot where the empty left hand turn lane began. As he prepared to turn left into the Southbound traffic lane; he looked right to make sure it was safe to do so. At that moment, he was broadsided from the left. He didn’t see the car about to hit him, because there was no reason to expect a vehicle from that direction.

I just can’t seem to stop the sarcasm that peppers these next few paragraphs!

The driver of the jeep was standing still in the northbound traffic, back a few cars from where the left turn lane began, When he saw the left hand turn light. up ahead, turn green, he made a bold move. He swung his car out into the southbound lane, heading north (the wrong way) to try to reach the left turn lane and ultimately make the green left hand turn light before it turned red.  (This seems to me to be a longshot –particularly given that he was reportedly traveling at a mere a snails pace:  5mph.)

Even though the driver of the jeep admitted (to the responding officer) that he had

“punched it around traffic, to make the green light”

(essentially admitting to traveling the wrong direction on Ocean street), the police report found my husband at fault. This is solely because three other gangstalkers (they always work in teams) unanimously agreed that it would have been“impossible for the Jeep’s driver to have avoided colliding with the motorcyclist, who came out of nowhere.” (Unless maybe the gangstalker hadn’t entered the oncoming traffic lane in the first place–ya think?)

Furthermore, the witnesses reported (unanimously) that the driver of the car had only been traveling at a speed of 5mph. You know how IMPOSSIBLE (i.e. defying the laws of physics) it to can be to avoid a collision, at that high rate of speed.  Hell, according to witness testimony, a tortoise couldn’t have avoided the collision. The other things that would have been nearly impossible would have been for someone traveling at 5mph to have had any realistic expectation of  making the green light;  OR to have actually thought that the acceleration from zero to five mph could be adequately be described using the words:

“I punched it.…”

Within seconds of the collision, the three gangstalkers who acted as witnesses, were on the move, setting up the scene and establishing fault.  The three alternated yelling loudly.


The use of those words by all three witnesses, was not accidental.

By loudly announcing that they “saw everything”, verbally assuming the role  of witness to the accident, they displayed unmistakably (to animals, anyway) territorial behavior. Even though it might not be consciously interpreted us such, the subconscious mind is aware that this territory (in this case, the role of witness) has been claimed; it has been clearly staked out and would-be intruders are not welcome or needed. The unspoken message has been sent by the loudly spoken and carefully chosen words. Anyone challenging the claim is going to have a fight on their hands,

Even though there were several real witnesses that were closer to the impact, and without a birds eye view, nobody could have “seen everything,” the tactic worked.  It worked by diminishing the confidence of the real witnesses in their version of events.  It made them doubt what they had seen.  First of all, things happened fast. They had seen the car come out of nowhere and hit the motorcyclist, who was  looking right, and never saw the Jeep until it hit him.

Real witnesses only saw a small part of the accident (the impact) and they knew it. So who were they to challenge three witness who claimed to have seen everything? That’s a big red flag. The unanimous confidence of the stalkers as they stated the impossible:  “I Saw Everything“.   Furthermore, the discouraged witnesses would never hear the conflicting version of events told by the gangstalkers to the responding officer. They had been successfully discouraged from hanging around.

The only indication that might have had that the witness story was going to be different than theirs, was that the witnesses were essentially stacking the deck by yelling

I’ll be YOUR witness! , as they practically stepped over the bleeding motorcyclist down in the street to get the car drivers window. This was done to establish, in the minds of anyone in the vicinity, who did not witness the accident, who the real injured party was, here.. These three witness had patently ignored a bleeding man lying in the street, and rushed to the drivers side window, offering to act as his witness. They had done so, one, right after the other, effectively cementing the impression that the injured motorcyclist was of no consequence, and he had brought this on himself, therefore he was not deserving of any consideration or even a glance from the Gangstalker witnesses.

That’s the biggest red flag of all. All three witnesses never asked the man bleeding (heavily) on the ground lying next to his downed motorcycle, in the very middle of a busy street, if he was alright. They never asked if he needed help. The entire scenario appeared to play out without a single glance from the witnesses towards the motorcyclist. (except possibly to make sure they didn’t slip in his blood as they stepped over him, to rush to the uninjured drivers window.

They three witnesses and the uninjured driver had a pow-wow of sorts, whispering and gesturing, while waiting for the cops to arrive and  intermittently, raising their voices to proclaim   I saw everything, I’m your witness.

If any witness to an accident sees other witness claiming to have “SEEN EVERYTHING, who apparently can’t even see a badly injured man, in plain view, regardless of who caused the accident, something is definitely not right. WAKE UP! This was your first lesson in how to spot gangstalkers doing what they do.  Nothing about there actions was normal.  If you thought about it at the time it was happening, you would have spotted it.

I know I said I would cover the way gangstalkers played the Santa Cruz Police Officer, in this post, but this is enough for now. I’ll finish up the accident and discuss how training could have alerted the officer that the witnesses and the driver were working together to influence the outcome of the accident investigation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gangstalking and Predictive Policing: A Perfect Pair

Gangstalking and Predictive Policing: A Perfect Pair

At the same meeting mentioned in the last post, my husband spoke with Santa Cruz Mayor, Don Lane. My husband emailed him several months back, about our harassment and the lackluster response from local police.

We have had some success in getting a police response by contacting members of the Santa Cruz City Council. They responded quickly, pressuring the police to “take care of the problem.” Apparently the city council has the ear of the Chief, because their intervention generates a proactive effort on the part of the PD.

If you are being gangstalked and your police department has been less than helpful, you might consider going to your city council We were just reaching out for help, and didn’t realize that this is akin to going over the heads of the PD. They really don’t appreciate it. It is probably better to work with them, if you can. Contacting the the PD and using the cc (carbon copy) for the city council is more respectful. This makes the City Council aware of the problem, and gives the police an opportunity to act without prodding. I would try that first….but truthfully, my husband doesn’t usually ask for my opinion before dashing off the occasional pointed or inflammatory email. There are, after all, two people being gangstalked in our house. Keep in mind, the dynamic between city government and the police department may be different where you live.

Because of the City Council’s intervention, we were given an opportunity to present our case to the Deputy Chief, who was nice enough, but probably didn’t bother to read the detailed incident report I gave him. (I say this, because a week later he appeared to not be familiar with any of the details, when I spoke to him on the phone.)

What the deputy chief actually did, was give me the BIG BRUSHOFF (details to be covered in another post.) I didn’t even realize it at the time, because the man is very good at his job. In hindsight, I’m actually amazed at how smoothly he went about not helping me at all. His job was never about helping me. The job of a Deputy Chief is to help his Chief. In this case, the Chief was prodded by the city council to “take care of the problem”. I’m a little slow, on the whole chain of command thing… but now that my myopia has been corrected, by the virtue of hindsight… I realize that “MY problem” was not “THE problem” for the Chief. My husband and I were “THE problem”. I may not have considered the Deputy Chief to be very helpful, but i am sure the Chief is very pleased with him. If the chief paid his salary, instead of the taxpayers, he deserves a raise.

Anyone who is familiar with gangstalking, already knows Santa Cruz PD has admitted (apparently the first PD in the country, to openly do so) that gangstalking exists, and that it is a growing problem. The original story aired on our local TV News station, KION, where a SCPD spokesperson called it “bullying on steroids.” The Deputy Chief told me, he was not surprised by the gangstalking activity that we have experienced, remarking that he had “seen it all before.”

Judging by the thousands (from all over the world) of references to the SCPD’s public admission, regarding gangstalking, there is a general perception that SCPD is an enlightened and progressive police department. Logic dictates that a department that identifies a particular crime as a “growing problem” should be working on solutions to nip it in the bud. After all, you always hear that the first step, is admitting there is a problem. Logic also dictates that advance knowledge of gangstalking should put an end to the credibility hurdle victims have had to overcome. Right? Uh….not so fast.

There appears to be a serious breakdown in communication between the people who are in charge, and the officers who work for them, patrolling the streets. Every single SCPD officer who has responded to our calls, has told us they have never heard of gangstalking, or anything like it. (Maybe they watch KSBW instead of KION. )The moment we tell them we are being harassed by complete strangers, and that we do not know WHY they are doing this, we are treated to barely disguised skepticism.

You have to wonder why the Patrol Officers are unaware of it, when their bosses have gone on record acknowledging that it is a growing problem, Is it a matter of scarce resources, and low priority? I have NO idea. But this cavalier attitude is exactly what fuels the belief, by many victims, that law enforcement is part of the problem. Unlike some victims, I don’t think law enforcement or the U.S. government, is officially complicit in gangstalking. But, CLEARLY …they don’t seem to be part of the solution! It is extremely upsetting to be treated like you are imagining intense harassment, because the bosses haven’t bothered to tell the responding officers that this crime is a real crime with real victims.

That said, I do want to say that there is one Lieutenant on the SCPD, who has always treated us respectfully, never expressed skepticism at our reports, and really tried to help. My guess is that there is only so much one man can do, in a culture where those in charge have refused to do even the bare minimum, to stop these criminals.

When the patrol officers, who interact with the public, say they have never heard of Gangstalking (a crime that is PURPOSELY executed in a way that invites skepticism) upper management (sorry for the civilian term) really has failed to do the bare minimum. They have failed to share their admitted knowledge of the crime, with those in the best position to observe it, and catch the perpetrators in the act. Nobody is going to put any effort into solving a crime they don’t think is real.

By not even doing the bare minimum, the SCPD has further victimized us, by fostering an environment which encourages patrol officers (through ignorance) to disregard our pleas for help, view our accounts with barely concealed skepticism, and allow organized criminals to operate unchecked.

The first step in reconciling this problem is for the entire department to know what has already been shared with the public: Gangstalking is a crime that is happening in our area; it is growing, because technology has made it easier than ever.

When everybody is on the same page, and gangstalking is recognized for the serious crime that it is, the police department should make a commitment to eradicating it, or at least, treat it like other serious crimes.

Being the first PD in the country to take a stand against Gangstalking , is about as progressive as it gets. And how about this for the predictive policing agenda: I tell you where I’m going….and you predict the place and time where police will find gangstalkers harassing and violating the civil rights of an innocent citizen of Santa Cruz, as well as inconveniencing every other person in the vicinity (which can’t be avoided, and is of absolutely no concern to gangstalkers.)

There are rough estimates that put the number of gangstalking victims in the U.S at around 500.000. That is half a millon people who desperately need a progressive police department be the first to take up our fight against gangstalking. Why not the Santa Cruz Police Department?

Regardless of the position SCPD ultimately takes on gangstalking, there should be protocols in place for handling reports made by victims of it. “Act skeptical”, should be shelved, despite its long reign of popularity. It really is unhelpful in every imaginable way. It is a know the police encounter a lot of liars. I really wish the truth wasn’t so hard to believe. But thats how gangstalking works. That’s why it works. Skepticism is only possible, if you choose ignorance (which requires no effort). In my opinion, gangstalking has no informed skeptics.

In predictive policing, isn’t the goal to prevent a crime altogether or catch perpetrators in the act of commiting crimes? Drug deals take place out in the open every day, right under the noses of an ubsuspecting public. Should Gangstalking take place right under the noses of an unsuspecting patrol division? Police see crimes that the ordinary citizens routinely overlook. Training is what makes the difference.

Training officers to spot and recognize gangstalking, while its happening would not take a big time committment. Gangstalking is a smart crime that frequently takes place in public. It is subtle and invisible to the untrained eye. Officers study human beings, they can be trained easier than most people to detect the subtle signs of gangstalking activity. I can guarantee that the first time an officer spots it and recognizes it for what it is, it will be like ringing a bell– it can’t be un-rung.


In the next post, I will tell you how the Gangstalkers ran a con on a Santa Cruz Police Officer, responding to a traffic accident. They absolutely influenced his investigation. The story should illustrate the importance” of educating the local police department on how to spot Gangstalkers and catch them in the act of breaking the law. They aren’t just hurting us. They are a menace to the entire community; and currently Santa Cruz is hosting a large active community of Gangstalkers. Anyone who wants to see gangstalking isn’t going to lack opportunities. I am going to do what I can in this blog to educate people on how to observe gangstalking in action. And how easy it is to overlook it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gangstalking Victims Desperately Need DOJ To Do Their Job!

Department of Justice: Toss Us a Line! LIFT A PINKY!! We are being pulled under, out here. You've heard us begging for help. Why are you burying your head in the sand? Why are you burying us?

Earlier this week my husband attended a meeting held by the man who represents our local district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Sam Farr, has been a favorite among Santa Cruz voters for a long time. My husband and I do not consider ourselves to be very political, but we make a point of being informed voters. More than 15 years ago, we built a computer for a Santa Cruz woman, who was a very active volunteer on Sam Farr’s campaign staff. Her support for him was enthusiastic and contagious. The more we learned about him, the more we liked him. Since then, we have always voted for him.

I gained further respect for Congressman Farr, when I wrote to all of my elected officials, protesting the bank bailouts. The reply from Sam Farr stood out from the rest, leaving me feeling that he was a man who really listened to his constituency and could be trusted to speak on our behalf in Washington.

My husband went to the meeting to raise awareness about Gangstalking. Just like every other victim of this sick crime, we want our lives back.

I realize that I haven’t yet written very much about our personal story, but details will be forthcoming. Suffice it to say, these criminals are relentless; they have invaded every aspect of our lives, like a carpet of army ants. Not a day goes by that we are not subjected to some form of harassment from these bullies and thugs. These people are not just playing; they have every intention of destroying us.

Our hope is that Congressman Farr will, once again, help bring our message to Washington. My husband’s request to Congressman Farr, is paraphrased in the text below:

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz; I have lived here my entire life. 17 months ago, my wife and I became victims of an ongoing crime that we, just like most people, had never heard of. The crime is an organized stalking and harassment campaign that is often called Gangstalking.

The crime of Ganstalking has nothing to do with your ordinary street gangs. In almost all cases, perpetrators of Gangstalking are strangers, previously unknown to their victims.

Gangstalking is a crime that has been acknowledged by the Santa Cruz Police Department, in a statement made to our local TV news station, KION. They described it as a growing problem, which is facilitated by recent advances in technology. The spokesman for the SCPD referred to Gangstalking as “Bullying on Steroids.”

I am asking our Representatives in Washington to put pressure on the Department of Justice, to acknowledge the crime of Gangstalking, and to create a special category for it. Stalking is a crime that has several sub classifications, including: Stranger Stalking, Revenge Stalking, Workplace Stalking, Proxy Stalking, Obssesive Stalking, etc. Gangstalking is conspicuously absent from the list. And because it is really not a good fit for any of the currently recognized types of stalking behavior, it needs its own classification.

Official recognition of the crime is extremely important to victims. Gangstalkers deliberately use methods that, when reported to authorities, resemble things commonly associated with mental illness. That probably needs further explanation. Here is an example:

of the many tactics used by Gangstalkers, almost all victims report being followed by strangers. When looking back on the progression of harassment later, many victims will identify this as the point in time, when their life changed forever.

Gangstalkers use this tactic early on, because it has proven effective in damaging a victim’s credibility. Reports of being “followed by a large group of strangers” is commonly associated with delusions that plague the mentally Ill. This method is used on victims, because stereotyping, and snap judgements are reliably common human reactions, when confronted with anything unfamiliar. People who are unfamiliar, uninformed, or just close minded, on the subject of Gangstalking, predictably fall into this trap.

Since a campaign of “stalking by strangers” is usually one of the first overt actions taken by Gangstalkers against a victim, it is, understandably, often the first time that a victim contacts law enforcement, seeking help. The gangstalkers have not only prepared for this, they are expecting it. It sets the tone for all future complaints because it introduces a credibility hurdle. Once someone considers the possibility of mental illness, any future claims made by a victim, are evaluated with that in mind, making everything the say unfairly suspect. The DOJ has the power and the responsibility to educate law enforcement and the public about this crime. That alone, would be extremely effective in overcoming the credibility hurdle.

Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the DOJ’s own records make it clear that Gangstalking is a widely reported crime. Victim’s Centers and the various law enforcement entities that provide the Justice Department with their raw data, confirm that

Here in the United States, there are thousands of people each and every month (from every state in the Union,) reporting that they are being stalked by groups of 3 to 50 (or more) perpetrators.

Just like most harassment and stalking crimes, what makes Gangstalking hard to prove is that it is a PATTERN of focussed, hostile behavior, rather than a single, obviously criminal event. It is precisely because it is difficult to prove, AND the DOJ has failed to officially recognize it, that many victims are unjustly dismissed as mentally ill.

The DOJ is fostering an attitude of ignorance, by failing to share their knowledge of the crime with the public, victims advocates and police departments. Because the very agencies are set up to help victims of crime, have not been informed about Gangstalking, nor been trained in how to deal with it, they take the easy way out. They regularly” discount victims and deny the crime exists.

The Santa Cruz Police Department may be the first Police Department in the country to go on record acknowledging the crime, but they are far from enlightened. The patrol offers who have responded to our calls, regularly claim they have never heard of this crime.

Currently nobody is investigating our claims. We have gone to the SCPD, the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, the California Highway Patrol and the FBI. We are routinely dismissed, because most law enforcement personal, who actually take complaints from the public, have either never heard of Gangstalking, or are unequipped to deal with it.

The first step to remedy the situation is for the Justice Department to make public what they already know. Gangstalking is a growing crime that is occurring all 50 states, and just like all forms of harassment and stalking, can have devastating consequences for its victims. The DOJ NEEDS TO LEAD THE WAY. They need to establish protocols to aide and guide local law enforcement on the best way to help victims. They need to advise law enforcement on effective methods for gathering evidence, which can be used in the successful prosecution of gangstalkers.

Gangstalkers spread disinformation on the Internet like wildfire–hacking victims web sites and posing as victims themselves, all of it intended to conceal their crimes, by making victims appear crazy. When law enforcement believes that ALL people claiming to be followed by groups of strangers, are mentally ill, they have been, effectively, CONNED by Gangstalkers. The DOJ needs to set the record straight. Their silence on the subject is complicit in allowing Gangstalking to continue, unabated.

It took far too many years, and a substantial body count, before stalking and bullying began to be taken seriously by those in a position to help victims. The consequences of that delay have resulted in unimaginable heartache for far too many victims and their families. Gangstalking is an intense form of adult bullying that is organized and planned out in advance (rather than occurring spontaneously.)

There has been much speculation that, while some victims of Gangstalking commit suicide, others are responsible for the increasing number of mass murders, like the one that recently took place in a Colorado movie theater. Constant torment and harassment can, and does, break people, as evidenced by the many school shootings, where the first victimizations took place LONG before anybody brought a gun to school.

Gangstalking violates the most basic of human rights. It also violates several state, local and federal laws. Not only is it real, the DOJ is aware of it. We are asking you help us by putting pressure on them to do their job, so these criminals can be stopped. We need help at the local level. An admission by the Justice Department that Gangstalking happens, with increasing frequency, would be a good start. Getting the Justice Department to go one step further, and establish protocols for dealing with the crime at the local level, would go a long way towards helping victims everywhere.

Note to other victims:

You can help yourself and others by asking your locally elected representatives to pressure the DOJ to do their job. Any communication with elected officials helps to raise awareness of the crime. There is far too many of us victims, for any logical person to think we are ALL mentally ill and delusional. SPEAK UP. NOBODY has the right to do this to another person!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gangstalkers use Disinformation as a tool for Censorship

Disinformation is a tool for Censorship.

Gangstalkers act as trolls on the internet. They are keeping tabs on the postings and comments made by their victims. If they read something that might expose gangstalking, they leap into action. You see a lot of their handiwork in the form of comments following articles or posts, which cover the subject of Organized Harassment..

You should be able to spot their lies; for people who claim to NOT believe in Gangstalking… They spend an awful lot of time on forums that are specific to the topic.

I don’t really believe in ghosts, I am certain aliens are not visiting earth, but gangstalking is absolutely real. As you read about all the comments that say how paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic (take your pick) people who claim to be gangstalked are….you may finally realize that there are an awful lot of people, writing an awful lot of derogatory stuff, in the comment sections of victim’s websites. Real blogs will probably take advantage of the moderation feature (I know I do) and delete derogatory comments. These criminals are WAY too interested in influencing other people to NOT believe, in something they insist isn’t even real, in the first place.

If you don’t believe in something… A normal reaction would be to not dwell on it… The Internet is a huge place, with something for everybody’s interests.. I don’t believe in Big Foot, so spending my time on-line, with people who do, seems like a big waste. I’m not that interested in convincing unknown other people, that people who DO believe in Big Foot, are disturbed or delusional. Really, I just don’t care if complete strangers, do, or do not, believe in Big Foot.

If I thought Gangstalking wasn’t real (assuming I had ever even heard of it) I am not going to be spending a lot of time on victim’s web sites, trying to convince everybody they are crazy. Who cares that much about controlling the beliefs of others? Gangstalking seems to be all about control. This extreme interest in gangstalking is just not normal for someone who claims its a fantasy of delusional minds. It’s all part of a the big disinformation campaign, to keep it from seeing the light of day.

Since I wrote my last post a day or two ago, the Gangstalkers have been busy, I mentioned victim and activist, Eleanor White, as a credible source. They took her booklet and put out a hacked one where they make her sound like a nutcase. The booklet uses the same format, as the real ones authored by Eleanor. The hacked one tells victims it is all hopeless, and to keep quiet and not tell anyone about the organized harassment. I commented in my last post, that they usually put the info making the author sound crazy. right up front. Gangstalkers responded by inserting the really crazy stuff further in: that she brushes her teeth with ivory soap, wears sandpaper in her underwear and uses a nail attached to a large stick to make a hole in her clothes to scratch herself because Gangstalkers make her itch. They want you to think that Eleanor is a few screws loose.

There were three new links to her work as of yesterday ( dated 2010, so you wouldn’t think they were just first posted just yesterday) that I am sure were placed there in case my web page directed any traffic to her. Every one of them was altered to destroy her credibility. That’s a very swift response. They also fleshed out some of the pages that I accused of having faux fronts. As I said, they have been busy since my last post.

Every response they post to the web to refute the very existence of Gangstalking, litters the Internet with more proof that it does. True or false, the sheer amount of things on the Internet that reference it….indicate somebody knows about it. Either real victims who see the Internet as the only way to get the public to understand what’s happening, or the people posting whole pages, posing as crazies to discredit us… We’ve all been busy getting the word out and the proliferation of false leads may help us more than it hurts us.

The Immediate response to my latest blog post about disinformation, says volumes about how serious they are about containing the truth. This isn’t something that should just anger victims of the Gangstalkers….it should alarm everybody. Think about it in more general terms. They are interfering with everybody’s right to access information. Do you think someone has the right to block your access to a free exchange of thoughts and ideas. ? Do you think anyone has the right to prevent someone from expressing their right to freedom of speech, by deliberate sabotage? Do they have the right to direct interested parties to spoofed sites by overwhelming search engines with false leads? Do they have the right to replace real sites with fake ones? This is a deliberate attempt to prevent you from hearing real people’s opinions and making up your own mind. This is a form of censorship.

I don’t know if this is illegal, but it certainly seems unconstitutional. This interferes with everybody’s right to participate in a free exchange of ideas– They are attempting to censor the Internet and stop you from accessing information that is available through tactics, that on a smaller scale, act like a denial of service attack.

First they block access to information about Gangstalking ? What’s next? These people need to be stopped, or they will soon make censorship their primary business. Wake up! This is a deliberate power play. People who want power this desperately aren’t going to stop with just controlling your access to websites telling the truth about Gangstalking? The more successful they are at censuring the truth about Organized Harassment, the closer they are to obscuring something that YOU think is vitally important. Help us spread the word. Everybody has a right to available information…. Information that will allow them to form an intelligent opinion. Censurship and secrecy are like acid, eroding human rights violations and eating away at the very foundation of a free society.

If you read this, please comment in the section below. I have changed it so that you no longer have to log in or put your email address. I want to know that I am reaching somebody and not being censored by Gangstalkers.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disinformation: How to Spot the Liars and the Fakes

I need to address the issue of disinformation, because anyone researching the topic of Gangstalking, is going to be confronted with it repeatedly.

I mentioned a little bit about the organization of a Gangstalking group in my last post. The other thing that this group of ORGANIZED HARRASSERS has, is a division of labor. In a legit company, this is akin to having different departments in an organization being responsible for different functions within the company.

A Gangstalking or organized harassment campaign, is a very deliberate, planned and purposeful undertaking. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a master plan. As I’ve said before, being in the dark about motive is not evidence that there isn’t one. In my opinion, no one puts this much effort into anything without a definite plan.

The proximity of the apartments the Gangstalkers have taken over, within view of our house, provides them access into our lives, and we, in turn, learn quite a bit about them. This is not unique between Gangstalkers and Targets; this is the state of affairs that exists between any neighbors.

There are clearly people within the organization, whose job it is to spread propaganda and disinformation, via the media. This is painfully obvious to those of us who are living this nightmare. Remember, unlike other crimes, gangstalking happens over and over again; We see this group in action every single day. This gives us Targeted Individuals, considerable familiarity with tactics and methods. Much more so than victims of most other types of crime.

Disinformation is absolutely something these Gangstalking groups consider to be a cornerstone to their enterprise. Their infiltration of the Internet, with fake web sites and blogs, has been prolific. These phony sites serve one purpose: to mislead anyone looking into the claims made by victims of Gangstalking. They overwhelm search engines results, sending people seeking more information on Gangstalking, (and other synonymous terms) to their phony sites.

There seem to be four primary ways that disinformation is packaged:

First, some of the disinformation tries to make you think that the entire concept of gangstalking is an urban legend or just another crazy story that circulates the internet rumor mills. The purpose of these type posts and sites is to make you think that Gangstalking is not real.

If you don’t fall for that, (and you shouldn’t, because the use of organized stalking has an easily verifiable, well documented history, spanning the globe) there is a second type of disinformation meant to make you think that the people who are being victimized by Gangstalking, are crazy. Gangstalkers do this by posing as victims.

These fake victims take many things right off the pages written by real victims, and make a few key changes. The changes are dispersed throughout the writing, but often appear right near the first paragraph or so (so as not to be missed by the reader.)

These fake victims start out by making outrageous claims, of the kind that are sure to make people question their sanity. Real victims have encountered skeptics too many times already. We instinctively try to establish common ground, or credibility, before making outrageous and unprovable claims. This is especially true, if those claims are sure to alienate possible supporters, right off the bat.

Real victims aren’t claiming the occult or non human entities are behind these crimes. We don’t think these people are performing magic tricks. We think they are using available technology to stalk and harass. If a victim says these people are descendant from Reptilian bloodlines-NEWSFLASH… That’s not a real victim. Most real victims do not think harassment by airplanes is their biggest problem. We are facing daily harassment right here on the ground, which is a bit closer, more in your face, and personal. Being harassed by planes is probably not high on the list of complaints made by real victims. We want you to believe us. Fake victims absolutely DO NOT WANT anyone to believe what they are claiming.

Another way to recognize fake sites is through the links and clicks on the front page. Quite often, they either don’t go anywhere, or go to an error message, telling you the page you are looking for, isn’t available. The front page of the site is a facade. It looks like there’s a real blog or web site, but there isn’t. It is a paper tiger or faux front. It is essentially a lazy attempt to fool the reader.

The content on these fake pages is also lazy. They try to give the appearance of legitimacy, by repeating, verbatim, content stolen from a real victims page. There is very little variation. Lots of the planted links that google comes up with, will show different web addresses, but they all read fairly consistent. Real victims use many of the same key phrases, but when we want to share an entire page of someone else’s writing… We have links for that. We want to be a cohesive community… sharing new ideas and experiences, in an attempt to stop Gangstalking. We are not flooding the Internet with information that is already everywhere…that would be the work of the disinformation specialists, who appear far too lazy to create original content to balance out the disinformation.

Eleanor White has a page rating various web pages on Gangstalking, based on whether they are an attempt to help our cause, spread disinformation (hurting us) or fall somewhere in between. Her list gives valuable information, useful for learning to make the distinction on your own, It is by no means comprehensive or current. The Gangstalkers are literally flooding the Internet with phony pages at a rapid rate.

Disinformation also comes in the form of videos posted on Vimeo and YouTube. There are lots of them. if you want to see what some of my Gangstalkers look like…..they are the stars, in several of the YouTube videos about Gangstalking. They claim to be victims…but guess what? These exact people have stalked me on multiple occasions. They are not victims, they are perpetrators (as is everybody involved in deliberately spreading disinformation to discredit real victims). Some of my stalkers, turned video star, wear costumes (I.e. disguises) in the videos–not good disguises, because they want me to know it’s them (another way of harassing). Victims wearing costumes are almost always not real victims.

Basically my gangstalking crew considers themselves to be film makers and video stars. This group make videos to taunt and discredit the people they are harassing (me and my husband,) as well as the victims of their fellow Gangstalkers. They might say things like: “then all the dogs in the neighborhood started following me to harass me. The owners told the dogs to do it, so they could have a day off.” Even if everything else said in the video sounded legit…a statement like that is made’ so that you will dismiss the (fake) victim as a kook. The idea here, is that it will cause you to, subsequently, discount all accounts of Gangstalking, being told by all (real) victims. In some cases a video will string you along for 15 minutes and end with a frame where a gangstalker holds up a placard that says “ha ha, we fooled you!”

Most of the videos I’ve seen appear to be phony especially, if they aren’t linked to a real victims blog. Here’s one that is legit and worth watching: From our local news station. Here is a link to a slideshow where pertinent frames have been pulled from a video taken by Debbie Newhook, another target who has been active in exposing this crime.

I will cover the fourth method of spreading disinformation in my next post.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Division of Labor in Organized Stalking

I am using the term Organized Stalking for this post, on the advise of Eleanor White, who Is a Canadian activist, actively working to educate the public about this crime. (click here to read Eleonore’s educational booklet on organized stalking) Eleanor prefers the term Organized Stalking, to Gangstalking or Gang Stalking, because she feels that the public may confuse Organized Stalking Gangs, with the more familiarly known Street Gangs.

I still like the term Gangstalking, because putting “stalking” into a search engine brings up lots of information that is unrelated to Organized Stalking.

There is absolutely no doubt that Organized Stalking is, indeed, highly organized, with a clear division of labor, just like any legitimate company, with lots of employees. We do not know exactly how the group is organized, but we’ve had enough close contact with them, to get some idea of how they operate.

There is no doubt that there are Managers that oversee the multiple Crews that
harass and follow us by car and on foot. These group managers may manage the entire stalking operation of a single target, or just oversee the multiple harassment teams in a given area.

There also appears to be somebody below them who participates in the street stalking, but calls the shots and organizes a specific crew of “street stalkers”, while the target is “on the move”. I will refer to this person as a Crew Leader, as opposed to a Group Manager. The person responsible for a street crew has an undeniably difficult job. My husband and I, just like most targets (I assume), don’t make their job easy. We take evasive action.

Evasive action includes such things as using alternate routes, changing destinations unexpectedly, doubling back, or leaving the house unexpectedly, at an unusual time of day, or circling the block, a time or two, and returning home without going anywhere at all. If this sounds juvenile and amateur, at least we decide how to respond to circumstances we encounter, instead of being directed. We also call the shots and mobilize the crews, just by deciding WHEN and WHERE we go.

If you think being a Pied Piper is a power trip of sorts, it’s not. Who really thinks being followed by a bunch of brain dead rats (ie. criminals), infested with the plauge, (no matter how mesmerizing, they seem to find you) sounds exhilarating? Humor aside, this is a nightmare. Nobody wants to be chased and followed by these miscreants.

We don’t know for sure how the street level harassers are incentivized. They eat up a lot of gas. They don’t seem to care if their cars are identified, and different thugs drive the same car at different times. The cars run the gamut from brand new, top-of-the-line Mercedes, BMW and Lexus to complete junkers, with no air conditioning and missing hub caps. The Junkers are often filled with personal belongings and have windows or doors duck taped shut, or other obvious signs of having been in a wreck.

My best guess is that the cars they drive, are so disparate, because they are part of the incentive to “perform” well for the group. Better cars get driven by the stalkers, who prove their value, by their performance. People who seem to own their own vehicles, are those that appear to have other jobs in the group, and do not use their cars for following.(to be covered in another post.)

Believe me when I tell you that these people deliberately create traffic jams, and block parking lot exits, to harass their targets. Sitting in traffic, going nowhere at high noon, on a hot day pisses the people without air conditioning off! And as they block your car from exiting a parking lot, sweating bullets, guess who they blame for their circumstances? YOU! The nerve of you deciding to go about your business, during the hottest part of the day and cause the. To have to suffer like this. These overheated, less valuable,and obviously less intelligent,members of the stalking crew will overtly flip you off and drive very aggressively. They take your causing them to overheat, quite personally. They clearly hate you for their low pecking order. How’s that for misplaced anger and questionable intelligence?

Here’s a pic I took of one woman I inconvenienced.

As I pulled into a parking lot that is usually empty, (I am arriving about three hours later than I had announced) stalker cars occupied every spot, but the one located next to this beauty:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gangstalking is a Mystery Begging to be Solved!

You are going to read things in my blog that are going to be hard to believe. I understand that. I initially resisted just about everything I read about Gangstalking. First of all, as a victim, you resist identifying yourself with other “targeted individuals”. What other victims describe, sounds like a black hole, or quicksand– something that you can’t get out of. You read that it goes on for years. Nobody wants to believe that a bad situation won’t ever come to an end, or that the situation is hopeless. That is a very depressing scenario.

After living like this for 17 months, and reading about people who have been victimized for years, I have decided to tell anyone who will listen, what I see as possible ways to end these criminal's “reign of terror”.

The reality of Gangstalking is revealed slowly day by day, like peeling back the layers of an onion. The things other people describe, which initially seemed farfetched, started happening to me. I am going to try to ease into discussing some of the more extreme aspects of gangstalking, a little bit at a time. I am hoping that as you get to know me, through my writing, you will become more receptive to the truth, strange as it is.

What I can tell you is this: I will be truthful about everything that I describe. I will try to make the irrational, rational, the incredible, credible, and find the logic in the illogical. Gangstalking is, at this point, a mystery. It is a mystery just like any other unsolved crime. It is begging to be solved.

What I describe is crazy, but I am not. If I suddenly start to spew rhetoric, blaming this on nonhuman entities (i.e. Alien perps, Reptilian DNA, etc..), I can assure you, my blog has been hacked. The perpetrators of this crime, are real criminals, with a very human agenda. I am absolutely sane and plan to reflect that through my writing.

Victims reporting gangstalking to police, are often treated as if they are mentally ill. It is important to realize that the things we are reporting are the same kinds of things commonly reported by true schizophrenics, and people with extreme paranoia disorders. This is no accident. Strangers follow you (even when you go the same place at the same time every single day), because being followed by strangers fits the symptoms of classic schizophrenia. This is a smart crime based on psychological manipulation. The things that victims observe,and the tactics used, have all been prominent in accounts made by the mentally Ill. That explains a lot about the structure of most Gangstalking tactics. It is the reason why they use these particular, chosen methods of harassment.

They want their victims to appear crazy, and their crimes to go un-investigated. This crime can be solved and the mystery of Gangstalking put to rest.

Here are four approaches,I think can help solve the mystery:

Gangstalking is repetitive. It happens day in and day out. Someone following (for the purpose of investigating) my husband and I, or any gangstalked person, would not have to spend too much time, before they became aware that something very odd is happening to us. The crowds around us, everywhere we go, and people trying to beat us in line every time we head to a store register, should be a tip off. We can’t arrange to be followed ourselves, without tipping off the gangstalkers–we know, because we’ve tried it.

There are a lot of people involved. Some of them don’t like what they are doing. You can see it on their faces. Anytime you get that many people involved, you are always in danger of someone breaking ranks. Perfect control over all humans is not possible. Eventually someone will break ranks and someone will talk. It is the moral, right thing to do. It is also the compassionate humane thing to do. The bigger they get, the sooner they will be exposed, and quite possibly by a defector from within.

Gangstalking is big, organized, and very expensive. The Gangstalkers are rotating in and out of most of the rentals on our street. Santa Cruz is not an inexpensive place to rent. Many of cars they drive appear to stay with the rental units, to be driven by the next gangstalkers to occupy the place (or the same gangstalkers, when they return from their assignments. harassing people in other towns.) Someone is paying for these cars, rentals and auto registrations. There has to be a money trail.

Many of the cars that stalk us do not have front license plates (Illegal in CA.) Many have paper dealer plates. Somebody is paying for these new cars. Also, the drivers seem unconcerned with their license plates being photographed. This indicates the cars probably aren’t registered to the people driving them. It is easier to swap a single back plate quickly than both front and back plates. I am convinced that many of the plates are fake, and others do not lead back to car they are mounted on. All of these misdemeanors should be reasonable cause for a deeper investigation, into the driver and the registered owner, by law enforcement.

This can be solved. Is Anybody listening?