Monday, August 20, 2012

Division of Labor in Organized Stalking

I am using the term Organized Stalking for this post, on the advise of Eleanor White, who Is a Canadian activist, actively working to educate the public about this crime. (click here to read Eleonore’s educational booklet on organized stalking) Eleanor prefers the term Organized Stalking, to Gangstalking or Gang Stalking, because she feels that the public may confuse Organized Stalking Gangs, with the more familiarly known Street Gangs.

I still like the term Gangstalking, because putting “stalking” into a search engine brings up lots of information that is unrelated to Organized Stalking.

There is absolutely no doubt that Organized Stalking is, indeed, highly organized, with a clear division of labor, just like any legitimate company, with lots of employees. We do not know exactly how the group is organized, but we’ve had enough close contact with them, to get some idea of how they operate.

There is no doubt that there are Managers that oversee the multiple Crews that
harass and follow us by car and on foot. These group managers may manage the entire stalking operation of a single target, or just oversee the multiple harassment teams in a given area.

There also appears to be somebody below them who participates in the street stalking, but calls the shots and organizes a specific crew of “street stalkers”, while the target is “on the move”. I will refer to this person as a Crew Leader, as opposed to a Group Manager. The person responsible for a street crew has an undeniably difficult job. My husband and I, just like most targets (I assume), don’t make their job easy. We take evasive action.

Evasive action includes such things as using alternate routes, changing destinations unexpectedly, doubling back, or leaving the house unexpectedly, at an unusual time of day, or circling the block, a time or two, and returning home without going anywhere at all. If this sounds juvenile and amateur, at least we decide how to respond to circumstances we encounter, instead of being directed. We also call the shots and mobilize the crews, just by deciding WHEN and WHERE we go.

If you think being a Pied Piper is a power trip of sorts, it’s not. Who really thinks being followed by a bunch of brain dead rats (ie. criminals), infested with the plauge, (no matter how mesmerizing, they seem to find you) sounds exhilarating? Humor aside, this is a nightmare. Nobody wants to be chased and followed by these miscreants.

We don’t know for sure how the street level harassers are incentivized. They eat up a lot of gas. They don’t seem to care if their cars are identified, and different thugs drive the same car at different times. The cars run the gamut from brand new, top-of-the-line Mercedes, BMW and Lexus to complete junkers, with no air conditioning and missing hub caps. The Junkers are often filled with personal belongings and have windows or doors duck taped shut, or other obvious signs of having been in a wreck.

My best guess is that the cars they drive, are so disparate, because they are part of the incentive to “perform” well for the group. Better cars get driven by the stalkers, who prove their value, by their performance. People who seem to own their own vehicles, are those that appear to have other jobs in the group, and do not use their cars for following.(to be covered in another post.)

Believe me when I tell you that these people deliberately create traffic jams, and block parking lot exits, to harass their targets. Sitting in traffic, going nowhere at high noon, on a hot day pisses the people without air conditioning off! And as they block your car from exiting a parking lot, sweating bullets, guess who they blame for their circumstances? YOU! The nerve of you deciding to go about your business, during the hottest part of the day and cause the. To have to suffer like this. These overheated, less valuable,and obviously less intelligent,members of the stalking crew will overtly flip you off and drive very aggressively. They take your causing them to overheat, quite personally. They clearly hate you for their low pecking order. How’s that for misplaced anger and questionable intelligence?

Here’s a pic I took of one woman I inconvenienced.

As I pulled into a parking lot that is usually empty, (I am arriving about three hours later than I had announced) stalker cars occupied every spot, but the one located next to this beauty:

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