Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disinformation: How to Spot the Liars and the Fakes

I need to address the issue of disinformation, because anyone researching the topic of Gangstalking, is going to be confronted with it repeatedly.

I mentioned a little bit about the organization of a Gangstalking group in my last post. The other thing that this group of ORGANIZED HARRASSERS has, is a division of labor. In a legit company, this is akin to having different departments in an organization being responsible for different functions within the company.

A Gangstalking or organized harassment campaign, is a very deliberate, planned and purposeful undertaking. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a master plan. As I’ve said before, being in the dark about motive is not evidence that there isn’t one. In my opinion, no one puts this much effort into anything without a definite plan.

The proximity of the apartments the Gangstalkers have taken over, within view of our house, provides them access into our lives, and we, in turn, learn quite a bit about them. This is not unique between Gangstalkers and Targets; this is the state of affairs that exists between any neighbors.

There are clearly people within the organization, whose job it is to spread propaganda and disinformation, via the media. This is painfully obvious to those of us who are living this nightmare. Remember, unlike other crimes, gangstalking happens over and over again; We see this group in action every single day. This gives us Targeted Individuals, considerable familiarity with tactics and methods. Much more so than victims of most other types of crime.

Disinformation is absolutely something these Gangstalking groups consider to be a cornerstone to their enterprise. Their infiltration of the Internet, with fake web sites and blogs, has been prolific. These phony sites serve one purpose: to mislead anyone looking into the claims made by victims of Gangstalking. They overwhelm search engines results, sending people seeking more information on Gangstalking, (and other synonymous terms) to their phony sites.

There seem to be four primary ways that disinformation is packaged:

First, some of the disinformation tries to make you think that the entire concept of gangstalking is an urban legend or just another crazy story that circulates the internet rumor mills. The purpose of these type posts and sites is to make you think that Gangstalking is not real.

If you don’t fall for that, (and you shouldn’t, because the use of organized stalking has an easily verifiable, well documented history, spanning the globe) there is a second type of disinformation meant to make you think that the people who are being victimized by Gangstalking, are crazy. Gangstalkers do this by posing as victims.

These fake victims take many things right off the pages written by real victims, and make a few key changes. The changes are dispersed throughout the writing, but often appear right near the first paragraph or so (so as not to be missed by the reader.)

These fake victims start out by making outrageous claims, of the kind that are sure to make people question their sanity. Real victims have encountered skeptics too many times already. We instinctively try to establish common ground, or credibility, before making outrageous and unprovable claims. This is especially true, if those claims are sure to alienate possible supporters, right off the bat.

Real victims aren’t claiming the occult or non human entities are behind these crimes. We don’t think these people are performing magic tricks. We think they are using available technology to stalk and harass. If a victim says these people are descendant from Reptilian bloodlines-NEWSFLASH… That’s not a real victim. Most real victims do not think harassment by airplanes is their biggest problem. We are facing daily harassment right here on the ground, which is a bit closer, more in your face, and personal. Being harassed by planes is probably not high on the list of complaints made by real victims. We want you to believe us. Fake victims absolutely DO NOT WANT anyone to believe what they are claiming.

Another way to recognize fake sites is through the links and clicks on the front page. Quite often, they either don’t go anywhere, or go to an error message, telling you the page you are looking for, isn’t available. The front page of the site is a facade. It looks like there’s a real blog or web site, but there isn’t. It is a paper tiger or faux front. It is essentially a lazy attempt to fool the reader.

The content on these fake pages is also lazy. They try to give the appearance of legitimacy, by repeating, verbatim, content stolen from a real victims page. There is very little variation. Lots of the planted links that google comes up with, will show different web addresses, but they all read fairly consistent. Real victims use many of the same key phrases, but when we want to share an entire page of someone else’s writing… We have links for that. We want to be a cohesive community… sharing new ideas and experiences, in an attempt to stop Gangstalking. We are not flooding the Internet with information that is already everywhere…that would be the work of the disinformation specialists, who appear far too lazy to create original content to balance out the disinformation.

Eleanor White has a page rating various web pages on Gangstalking, based on whether they are an attempt to help our cause, spread disinformation (hurting us) or fall somewhere in between. Her list gives valuable information, useful for learning to make the distinction on your own, It is by no means comprehensive or current. The Gangstalkers are literally flooding the Internet with phony pages at a rapid rate.

Disinformation also comes in the form of videos posted on Vimeo and YouTube. There are lots of them. if you want to see what some of my Gangstalkers look like…..they are the stars, in several of the YouTube videos about Gangstalking. They claim to be victims…but guess what? These exact people have stalked me on multiple occasions. They are not victims, they are perpetrators (as is everybody involved in deliberately spreading disinformation to discredit real victims). Some of my stalkers, turned video star, wear costumes (I.e. disguises) in the videos–not good disguises, because they want me to know it’s them (another way of harassing). Victims wearing costumes are almost always not real victims.

Basically my gangstalking crew considers themselves to be film makers and video stars. This group make videos to taunt and discredit the people they are harassing (me and my husband,) as well as the victims of their fellow Gangstalkers. They might say things like: “then all the dogs in the neighborhood started following me to harass me. The owners told the dogs to do it, so they could have a day off.” Even if everything else said in the video sounded legit…a statement like that is made’ so that you will dismiss the (fake) victim as a kook. The idea here, is that it will cause you to, subsequently, discount all accounts of Gangstalking, being told by all (real) victims. In some cases a video will string you along for 15 minutes and end with a frame where a gangstalker holds up a placard that says “ha ha, we fooled you!”

Most of the videos I’ve seen appear to be phony especially, if they aren’t linked to a real victims blog. Here’s one that is legit and worth watching: From our local news station. Here is a link to a slideshow where pertinent frames have been pulled from a video taken by Debbie Newhook, another target who has been active in exposing this crime.

I will cover the fourth method of spreading disinformation in my next post.

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