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Gangstalking Explained: Start Here

Gangstalking Explained: Start Here

Justifiably Disturbed:
The Truth about Gang Stalking

I am a victim of a crime that most people have never heard of.  It is either so new, so obscure, or so hard to explain, that it may be years before it is widely recognized by mainstream law enforcement, and prosecuted for the serious crime that it is.

The crime is Gangstalking and if it wasn’t happening to me, you would have a very hard time convincing me that it could happen to anyone at all.   I now know that there are thousands of victims around the world.

Here in the U.S., Gang Stalking has been reported in all 50 states;  I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. Many more cases go unreported, or when the police are called, a report may never be filed.  I’ve experienced both situations myself.

The failure to report the crime or have it generate a report is easier to understand if you know how Gang Stalking works.  It is an assault that is cumulative.  It is perpetrated by many people working together to harass someone continuously. It becomes an escalating pattern of psychological assaults and physical intimidation that is terrifying in it’s efficiency, and its ability to fly under the radar. The goal appears to be to completely destroy victims, ruining their lives, in what can easily be categorized as an elaborate game of cat and mouse.

    The harassment is usually small non criminal acts that happen to most people on occasion, usually perpetrated by someone whose biggest crime is they are inconsiderate, or just plain rude. Here’s an example: As you leave the store, you are unable to back out of your parking space because a car is idling directly behind you, presumably waiting for a parking space up ahead. How long do you wait before you get annoyed? Chances are, even if your ice-cream is beginning to melt and run on the floor, you aren’t going to call the cops. Most people will eventually tire of waiting, and get out of the car to speak to the other driver and try to move things along.

    The first time this happens to a Gang Stalking victim, it goes like this: You get out of your car and approach the driver, who is wearing oversized dark sunglasses, and a hoodie or a beanie, pulled down low. They don’t roll down their window, or acknowledge you in any way, except one: the driver, who never looks in your direction, has a big smirk on his face. You look around and realize he isn’t waiting for a space; there are plenty available. It dawns on you slowly: This is a deliberate act. This person, who you do not know, is deliberately blocking you in, for no apparent reason. The person finally moves on, when you pull out your cell phone to make a call. It is a very creepy feeling, one that is easily dismissed and forgotten, if it remains an isolated incident. But it doesn’t…. not if you’re being Gang Stalked..

    If you are being Gang Stalked the same thing happens almost every time you leave your house, your work, the grocery store, etc. The cars change, the drivers change, but the circumstances are identical and it happens every day and sometimes many times in a single day. It is so inexplicable, so distressing and unnerving that it causes you to change your habits, to avoid putting yourself in that situation. You run fewer errands. You cruise parking lots trying to find a parking place where it will be difficult to block you in. You make sure you never leave your house without a cell phone, a camera, and a pad and paper for writing down license plate numbers. You start noticing the idling drivers who blocked you in, start showing up in the the stores you visit, the restaurants you eat at and in your rear view mirror at traffic lights. 

    When you bring a friend along, nobody blocks your car. If you call the police, the driver is long gone when they arrive and you feel like an idiot, because really …. What kind of person calls the police when someone temporarily blocks them in at a public parking lot. The police, understandably, don’t file a report, because it is such a trivial incident.

    When you finally find yourself getting out of your car and angrily snapping a picture of a driver, who really is just waiting for another car to vacate a parking space, the Gang Stalkers have successfully sensitized you. “Sensitizing ” is just one of the sick psychological tactics that are part of the Gang Stalker’s bag of tricks.

“Sensitizing” is a psychological tactic that allows gangstalkers to harass you in a public setting, without bystanders becoming aware of it. There is no question that repetition is the key to sensitization. Almost everyone will filter out rude behavior exhibited by others, if it happens once. Few people can it write off as coincidence, if the same thing happens repeatedly. If someone slams into you with their cart at the grocery store, every time you shop, you are eventually going to start expecting it. Sensitizing isn’t complete until the victim is acutely aware that the hostile behavior is directed, intentional, and being carried out by a group, rather than an individual. Scary, huh?

    It doesn’t end there, either. It isn’t long before one of the drivers who blocked your car, the day or the week before, accompanied by two previously unknown faces, use three shopping carts to hedge you in against the refrigerated door, at the back of the store, when you stop for a carton of milk. They only let you out when you practically shout “excuse me” for the third time, loudly enough to make other shoppers look at you oddly.

    Some of these people are part of a large group that slides into a booth next to you a week later, when you are having lunch with a friend. They have a loud conversation where private events in your life are casually mentioned, often using the exact words you recently used in a phone call or email exchange made from the privacy of your own home.

    Two days later, you look in your rear view mirror, while waiting for a light to turn green; guess who’s driving the car behind you ?. . .BINGO… It’s the woman who did most of the talking from the next booth at the restaurant. She seemed to particularly relish mimicking you , while she entertained the group with details of your private life. This type of gang stalker seems to enthusiastically enjoy tormenting victims. They treat it like a fun and entertaining sporting event.

Creepy enough for you? That’s your reality, if you join the ranks of what gangstalker’s refer to as a Targeted Individuals, or TIs.  Even more disturbing,  is the fact that all the above Harassment Skits (another gangstalking tactic) took place right out in public and nobody, except you, noticed anything out of the ordinary.

In the parking lot, drivers that got behind the car blocking your car, got impatient, went around and never gave it a second thought. Shoppers in the store who heard you shout “excuse me”, thought you were the rude one.  Other diners in the restaurant, including your dining companion, overheard the loud mimicking woman, but had no idea who she was mimicking, or that the personal information she was broadcasting, was yours.

There are several reasons so few people know about Gangstalking: Victims are often dismissed as crazy. The perpetrators are strangers, previously unknown to the victim, and therefore more difficult to identify. Among victims, 70% never learn why they were targeted. and cannot point to a logical motive.  Even when police want to help, it can be difficult to identify what the  crime is, and who to arrest.

The other thing I’ve noticed is how hard it is to explain this crime to people. When you read the methods used by gangstalkers to harass their victims, it is helpful to know that the stories told by victims worldwide are remarkably consistent . This would indicate that there is a playbook or methodology that perpetrators go by. What has happened to me may be something you have never heard of, but to other victims, my personal experiences are a nightmare they know all too well.

This is my attempt to explain Gang Stalking and get help from anyone who can put a stop to it. I am outnumbered, I feel powerless. I don’t care if you are the police, the FBI, a politician, a neighbor, a reporter ,or just someone who loves mysteries and wants to help solve one; I will take whatever help I can get.

In the beginning, when I first started noticing the same group of people every place I went, every time I left the house, I reacted just like any normal person would: I assumed I had to be mistaken. When I knew I wasn’t, I assumed it had to be a coincidence. When it happened so many times, it could not be a coincidence (by any stretch of the imagination), I went to the Internet to try to figure out what the hell was going on. Why on earth would complete strangers, follow me from place to place, store to store, harassing me with a host of annoying behaviors? Why indeed? Who would waste their time? Who would put this much effort into harassing someone they never met. It made absolutely no sense for any person to do this; and this wasn’t even ANY it was MANY. It was absolutely nuts. And yet… It was happening .

I trust myself. I know I have a firm grip on reality. I was not imagining this. It was real then and it’s real now; but I could not come up with a single logical or plausible reason to explain it. Not then and not now. Many people will be tempted, at this point, to use the lack of an understandable motive or reason, for a large group of people to stalk and harass me, as evidence that it isn’t really happening. I understand that. I too, think there is a reason for this crime. But not knowing why something happens, is not evidence that it is not, in fact, happening at all.

To be of any help solving the mystery of why it’s happening, requires that you accept the premiss, that it is happening. Victims are kept in the dark about motive. This is not incidental. It is another Gang Stalking tactic. As far as I can tell, it is very effective on at least two fronts, and possibly more. First it adds to the discomfort and terror the victim feels. It is very unsettling to be completely in the dark about the motives of strangers. These strangers are exhibiting focussed hostile behavior towards you, that requires the kind of effort, usually reserved for vendettas of a very personal nature. Not knowing a motive makes you fret over how far they will go. Why are they doing this?. What do they want? Will they hurt you ? Kill you? The uncertainty intensifies the stress and anxiety felt by the victim. It adds to the psychological terror created by the relentless intensity of the crime.

The second reason to keep victims in the dark, as to motive, is because it makes them less likely to be believed. When a victim describes the situation truthfully, they are saying that a large groups of people, they have never met before, are going to great lengths, exerting considerable time, effort and yes, money, to harass them incessantly, for no logical or discernible reason. It makes no sense, and it’s not supposed to make any sense. If a victim isn’t believed, no one is going to be looking for perpetrators. Law enforcement isn’t going to be putting any resources into solving a crime without first believing that there is a crime. It absolutely works to the advantage of the gangstalkers when victims are unable to point to a motive.

I want to say one more thing about motive. This crime takes place over a long period of time. It escalates so gradually that most of the victims can not say with absolute certainty when it started. The cumulative nature of small upsets, inconveniences, rudeness and hostility exhibited by strangers can be written off as coincidence & bad luck for months, if not years, depending on the victim. The timing of a victim’s realization that the harassment, is not only intentional, but coordinated and well-organized, and is probably determined by the gangstalkers themselves. Not being able to pinpoint the actual beginning of the harassment,  means that it is hard to tie it to a particular event in your life, that is the  motive for this crime. It could be something that happened years earlier, a dispute with an employer, a lawsuit, a letter to the editor or a casual observation or comment made to the wrong person–take your pick. I can’t think of anything, anyone could do that would justify the magnitude of a gangstalking style attack.

Lack of a solid motive isn’t the only barrier to giving this crime and it’s victims credibility. An analysis of the cost/benefit ratio of victimizing people in this way, makes even me, think this crime shouldn’t happen at all. It doesn’t appear feasible. It is structured, complicated, well planned, well-executed and it takes considerable resources:    people and time, for starters.

It also requires money. Research into Gang Stalking, facilitated by the accounts of victims, has provided a window, of sorts, into the organization and structure required to pull off a crime of this magnitude. The conclusions are startling, and likely to be viewed with skepticism. I know; I initially felt that way myself. Since then, I have experienced a level and attention to detail employed by the gangstalkers, that has led me to the same conclusions, I initially scoffed at.

There seems to be a consensus among victims on several key points, regarding what is required to carry out a gangstalking campaign. It is important to realize that real victims come to these conclusions reluctantly, and only after experiencing daily ongoing harassment for a fairly long time. These conclusions are reached ONLY when you realize the extreme, nonstop harassment couldn’t happen without them.  I’ve followed each of the 3 conclusions, by my initial reaction to it, because that is most likely to be your reaction, as well.

    1. Conclusion: Some of the Gang Stalkers are being paid to stalk and harass.

    My initial thoughts: yeah, right… who is gonna pay somebody money to follow me around? No way.

    2. Conclusion: Victims are monitored 24/7.

    My initial thoughts: That means people working in shifts. Shifts mean job assignments. Nobody works an assigned shift for free. Somebody paying to keep me under surveillance, even while I sleep? No flippin’ way.

    3. Conclusion: Adjoining apartments or nearby houses are rented by gangstalkers, for the sole purpose of facilitating the surveillance and harassment of the victim.
    My initial thoughts: Ludicrous! Nobody has that kind of money. NOT possible.

Unfortunately, as extreme and unlikely as the above conclusions used to seem to me, and no doubt, seem to you, I now know them to be correct. My own experience as a victim, has made it clear that these conclusions have to be correct. They are the only way some of the things that I’ve experienced can be explained.

Unlike victims of most crimes, which happen infrequently to the same person, victims of gang stalking are victimized repeatedly over a long period of time. This allows for a very intimate knowledge of the methods used to perpetrate it.

This also offers a huge upside. This crime offers opportunity after opportunity to an agency or person, willing and motivated  to solve it. Who are these people working for?  How do they decide to target somebody?  Why use this slow, seemingly costly method to destroy someone?

I have reason to believe that the local Hash House Harriers club is highly involved in my personal harassment. They are aided and abetted by other chapters . I don’t personally know any of them and the fact that I was able to identify them at all was a lucky break, one not likely to happen to other victims.

If the Hash House Harriers are behind gang stalking or if the local group has just been recruited to assist in my harassment is not clear to me. It is worth looking into by anyone investigating this crime.

The Hash House Harriers by outward appearances. appear to be a silly club, of unorganized buffoons and drunks. A deeper look, makes it apparent that the rituals, cult like participation and devotion of its members, and the fact that there are over 1700 chapters worldwide (in places as far-flung as Sierra Leon, Trinidad, Kuala Lumpur, etc.) mean there is much more than meets the eye to this organization.  I am convinced that they have a darker and much less frivolous side than the “drinking club with a running problem” face they show the world. Somehow the $5.00 the members pay for booze at each drinking/running venue, has afforded them the ability to commence building a worldwide headquarters for all members to visit and lodge at, in Kuala Lumpur. Individual chapters began To spring up everywhere in the 70′s. This, apparently after a quieter period following world war 1.  They appear to be growing steadily, worldwide.
One definition of a harrier is one who persistently harasses.  That is a  very odd coincidence for a group that has participated in an ongoing harassment campaign against me, personally.  If they are involved, it may be only certain clubs, (instead of all clubs).  It would  most likely be the core group that runs each club, called the “mismanagement” and other long term trusted members that are directing the rest of the membership.  Other victims should look into the Hash  groups in their areas to see if they can be identified as stalkers (there is a club not too far away from any populated place on the globe.)

If they are behind the Gangstalking, world wide, I have no doubt they will go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from exposure. I have never seen anything else written anywhere that points to their involvement. After 14 months of harassment, I have know several of my local tormenters are extremely involved in the club.   They routinely practice, what I call a “show of force”  where they try to show you how many of them there are, how much they hate you, and how powerful they are.  The goal is to display power and intimidate their target. The first time they pull this types of attacks, you are duly impressed by the numbers and amazed that so many people would deliberately torment somebody,much less a stranger.  These attacks, used to involve the local HHH (Hash House HARASSERS)  and their brethren from the nearby CULTS  chapters.  Now that we know who most of them are, they are much less overt in their harassment, but they still might be running the show.

If this has piqued your interest, I have written much more on the subject. Also, take note, since I began researching gangstalking, the Internet has been flooded with sites from FAKE VICTIMS and REAL VICTIMS, WHOSE WRITINGS HAVE BEEN HACKED. I can spot them easily. The best way to tell who is legit is to notice when someone who starts off sounding logical, suddenly lapses into rather insane, mentally Ill or incredulous claims part way through. I.e. Alien abduction theories, Reptilian DNA, etc.

Gang STALKERS have launched a huge disinformation campaign to make real victims sound insane, schizophrenic and unbelievable. This is another tactic. I go out of my way to sound credible in my writing– even when describing things that are difficult to believe.  I don’t want anyone to think I am crazy or lying. Gangstalkers want everybody to believe just that.  Look for the tone, in other writing you find on-line about gangstalking. The vocabulary and tone should be consistent and your gut should tell you if it has the “ring of truth” or not.

Santa Cruz

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